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Unique Decoration Helps Avert Luggage Theft

Thieves who stalk airport luggage carousels usually prefer nondescript bags. Then, if they’re caught, they can always claim they simply mistook the stolen items for their own property. One solution is to choose distinctive, memorable luggage. If you’re not eager … Continue reading

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Lotion Bars Breeze Through Security

If your quart-size liquids bag is overstuffed, one item you can remove is hand lotion. Then pack a lotion bar instead. Being solid instead of liquid, the bar can remain in your carryon, handbag, or jacket pocket when you go … Continue reading

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Traveling Safely with Electronics

Just because electronic devices need protection when traveling doesn’t mean you have to shell out as much money for the carrier as you did for the device itself. You can be creative, protective, and frugal, all at the same time. … Continue reading

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Second Life for Chicken Wire and Lawnmowers

When Carmen got tired of looking at a pile of chicken wire that once surrounded an old poultry pen, she tried to squish it into small wads. “‘A Spade Is a Spade’ is what resulted,” she told us. “After that … Continue reading

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Tablecloths Can Stretch Decorating Budgets

One way I’ve stretched my decorating budget is by using commercial-type tablecloths such as those you see at nice restaurants. No, I’m not suggesting you swipe one off the table at Chez Fifi even if you do leave a generous … Continue reading

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Ten Ways to Save Money on Greeting Cards

If you’d like to save money on greeting cards, this week’s post gives you ten ideas to avoid paying full price. 1. Watch for coupons and sales. While charging several dollars for a few graphics and a clever punch line … Continue reading

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Puzzle Glue: A Great Solution

If I’ve learned anything from TV decorating shows, it’s that art is in the eye of the beholder. All a big-name decorator has to do is stick a clump of coral on a coffee table or drag a branch in … Continue reading

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Keep Kids Entertained with a Hobo Stove

Need a fun and inexpensive project for the kids? How about letting the kids sleep in a backyard blanket tent and showing them how to cook their own dinner on a hobo stove? Make the stove first as a craft … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Sofa Table

“Would you be interested in a dark-blue leather sofa?” my friend asked. She planned to feature neutral earth tones in the home she was building, and navy wasn’t one of them. You bet I was interested! The color perfectly matched … Continue reading

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From Hat Box to Jewelry Box

When my beloved cat Remington Steele was still alive, he delighted in absconding with necklace chains so he could bat them under furniture and large appliances. I was forced to resort to jewelry boxes that could not be easily opened … Continue reading

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