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An Entire Week’s Business Wardrobe in Just One Carryon

When I fly across the country each year to serve as guest professor at Taylor University, I do not check any luggage. I’ve devised a way to pack everything I need for the entire week in a business-casual environment—in freezing … Continue reading

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From Hat Box to Jewelry Box

When my beloved cat Remington Steele was still alive, he delighted in absconding with necklace chains so he could bat them under furniture and large appliances. I was forced to resort to jewelry boxes that could not be easily opened … Continue reading

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Make easy canister labels

Do you ever have trouble remembering what’s inside your kitchen canisters? When Jennifer and I were growing up, Mom used four metal canisters to hold flour, sugar, brown sugar — and tea, I think it was — in that order, … Continue reading

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From Coffee Tins to Tofu

Coffee Tins I used to treat myself to those fancy, flavored-coffee and instant-tea mixes — the kinds that come in cool rectangular tins with fitted plastic lids. When the tins were empty, I recited the Savage Sisters’ mantra, “What else … Continue reading

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