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Save Room—Wear Your Pillow

In my opinion, one’s pillow can make or break a good night’s sleep. I prefer a fairly flat pillow, filled with genuine down, that I can fluff exactly the way I want my head and neck to be supported. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Utility Tables

When Carmen Davis-Stevens needs a table, she doesn’t spend hard-earned money to purchase one. She simply makes what she needs out of materials on hand. As an honorary Fiercely Frugal Savage Sister, Carmen shares with us how she made two … Continue reading

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Second Life for Chicken Wire and Lawnmowers

When Carmen got tired of looking at a pile of chicken wire that once surrounded an old poultry pen, she tried to squish it into small wads. “‘A Spade Is a Spade’ is what resulted,” she told us. “After that … Continue reading

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Carmen’s Clever Wood Stove Conversion

Carmen Davis-Stevens, our honorary Fiercely Frugal Savage Sister, recently sent us pictures of her stove-conversion project. Jennifer and I are impressed. We thought you would be, too. Carmen purchased an old wood-burning cook stove to use in her summer kitchen.* … Continue reading

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Carmen’s Door Magic

When our guest blogger Joan recently told us about her stepdaughter, a person after our own creative, recycling hearts, she bragged about one of Carmen’s creative projects. Fifteen winters ago when wind was blowing in under Carmen’s front door, she … Continue reading

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Create Tools from Unusual Sources

When I decommissioned my old vacuum cleaner a couple of years ago, I asked Jennifer if she could think of any other uses for its parts. She said, “Maybe the handle would work to turn off your water main control … Continue reading

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New Reflections on Old Mirrors

Before tossing an item into the garbage, consider what other purpose it might be used for. This is a key to being fiercely frugal, and it often provides surprising solutions. Take my old medicine cabinet, for instance. When I painted … Continue reading

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Extend a Driveway with Recycled Concrete

When I purchased my house three years ago, I was concerned about weeds that previous owners had allowed to conquer the yard. A particular worry was the driveway’s right-hand border where a short parking pad had cracked and the pieces … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Sofa Table

“Would you be interested in a dark-blue leather sofa?” my friend asked. She planned to feature neutral earth tones in the home she was building, and navy wasn’t one of them. You bet I was interested! The color perfectly matched … Continue reading

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The $15 Wedding Dress

One of the great joys for a frugal person is an upcoming holiday, especially a lesser one, such as Presidents’ Day or Columbus Day. I become giddy with delight because I know that’s when my local thrift store will offer … Continue reading

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