The Power of Premoistened

Prepackaged moist wipes, pads, and towelettes allow you to get through security with fewer items stuffed into your quart-size liquids bag. Their purpose is generally for cleansing, but sometimes they also include medicinal products.

Premoistened wipes are almost always worth packing on your trip.

Premoistened wipes are almost always worth packing on your trip.

At home you might be frugal and apply a liquid or cream with a cotton ball or other applicator. But on the road, disposable moist wipes are worth the extra expense for their convenience and ease of passing through airport security checkpoints. Yes, for simple cleaning purposes you can take along a washcloth in a zip-top bag, but unless you’re able to hang it up to dry within a few hours, mildew can set in and ruin the fabric.

Premoistened products contain more than just water and are designed for a variety of needs. They include sanitizing hand wipes, makeup removers, flushable incontinence washcloths, deodorant towelettes, insect repellent applicators, lens-cleaning tissues, sunscreen towelettes, and more.

The next time you prepare for a trip, consider buying premoistened products specific to your own personal requirements. The convenience outweighs the small cost and kicks the quality of your trip up a notch.

And if that kick is too vigorous . . . Well, you have first-aid wipes, don’t you?


Fiercely Frugal Savage Sister Diana has gathered packing pointers over the years on numerous domestic and foreign trips. Most recently, she travels in conjunction with the publication of her latest book, 52 Heart Lifters for Difficult Times.
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